Group Member

Author: CSM              date: 23/12/2013

Terms of the member

Enterprises and organizations of science and technology, teaching, production, designing, management
etc. which have the activities relative to the Society, have appropriate number of technical staff,
are willing to take part in CSM activities, support CSM work and pay membership fees can apply for

Rights and Obligations

1. Preferential participating in activities organized by the society.

2. Receiving in preference relevant CSM technical materials

3. Preferential receiving assistance from CSM to hold training course

4. To implement decisions and complete works appointed by the Society.

5. To help CSM to carry on relative academic and science popularization activities

6. Paying membership fees according to regulation


1. Submitting application

2. To be approved by CSM Standing Board of Directors

3. Receiving group member certificate issued by CSM

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