12 Papers Got the Excellent Paper Award of “9th China Steel Conference”

Author: CSM              date: 05/01/2015

The excellent paper award of “the 9th China Steel Conference (CSM Biennial Conference)” was published by The Chinese Society for Metals (CSM). The review process was based on the selection method of China Steel Conference excellent paper award, following the steps of the recommendation by reviewers, the evaluation of the speech quality on the meeting, and the final review of expert group. In the end, there were total 12 papers got the awards, among which 8 papers got the Excellent Paper Award, 4 papers got the excellent paper nominated award.


8 Excellent Paper Award of “the 9th China Steel Conference”

Title of Paper:



Texture Characteristics of CrMo Steel Pipes Under Different Rolling Process

GUO Peijun, TIAN Qingchao

Baosteel Research Institute, Tube & Pipe Department

Effects of Nb on the Texture and Planar Anisotropy Ultra-low Carbon Ti-IF Steel

WANG Debao

Technology Center of Ma’anshan Iron and Steel Co., Ltd.

The Application of Structural Optimization Method in the Light Weight Design for Metallurgical Equipments

YUAN Jinsheng, LIAO Kunming, XIAO Zhipeng, ZHANG Yu, CHEN Haizhou, ZHANG Wen

WISDRI (Wuhan) Automation Co., Ltd.

Numerical Simulation of Unpolluted Deoxidization Method under a DC Electric Field

GUO Qingtao, JIA Jixiang LIAO Xiangwei, LI Guangbang, CAO Dong, LI Degang

Technology Center of Ansteel Co., Ltd.

Big Chamfer Application in Generous Slab Continuous Caster Mould

HE Yuming, HU Bing, ZHOU Hong, PAN Shisong

Chongqing Iron and Steel Co., Ltd.

ZHANG Hui, WANG Mei, TAO GongBiao

Beijing Iron and Steel Research Institute

Research on Extra Wide 6-H CVC Mill Conversion

JIA Shenghui, CHU Yugang, LI Minggang

Wuhan Iron & Steel Co., Ltd.

LI Hongbo, ZHANG Jie

School of Mechanical Engineering, University of Science and Technology Beijing(USTB)


Beijing Aerospace Propulsion Institute

Research and Development of Temperature Gradient Rolling and Microstructure Control for Ultra Heavy Plate

YU Wei, LI Gaosheng, CAI Qingwu, CHEN Yulai

National Engineering Research Center of Advanced Rolling of USTB

Control of Non-metallic Inclusions in Extra Low Oxygen Special Steel

JIANG Min, WANG Xinhua, YANG Die, LEI Shaolong, WANG Wanjun

School of Metallurgical and Ecological Engineering, USTB


Research Institute of Technology of Shougang Group

4 Excellent Paper Nominated Award of “the 9th China Steel Conference”

Title of Paper:



Technical Research and Practice on Metallurgical dust Recycling in Converter

WAN Xuefeng, CAO Dong, YU Shujuan, ZHU Xiaolei, LIao Xiangwei, GUO Qingtao, LI Guangbang

Technology Center of AnSteel Co., Ltd.

GAO Xuezhong

General Steelmaking Plant of Ansteel Co., Ltd.

Insulated Wall Building Materials Using Lean Hematite Tailings of Experimental Research

XU Donglin, WANG Changyan

Ansteel Group Anqian Mining Co., Ltd.

Popularize Slag “Zero Emission” Technology, Promote Sustainable Development of the Steel Industry

ZHU Guilin, HAO Yidang, SUN Shushan, HU Tianqi

Central Research Institute of Building and Construction

Analysis on the Treatment Process of Dust and Sludge Containing Iron from Steel Enterprise Using the Shaft Furnace with Oxygen and Hot Air Blew in

MAO Rui, ZHANG Jianliang, LIU Zhengjian, YUAN Xiang, WANG Fei

School of Metallurgical and Ecological Engineering, USTB


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