The 6th China-Korea Joint Symposium on Advanced Steel Technology

Author: CSM              date: 05/01/2015

The 6th China-Korea Joint Symposium on Advanced Steel Technology was held successfully in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province on October 8 to 10th, 2014. Since 2014, this conference would be jointly organized by the Chinese Society for Metals (CSM) and the Korean Institute of Metals and Materials (KIM).

The China-Korea Joint Symposium on Advanced Steel Technology was initiated by the National Natural Science Foundation of both China and Korea; the topics focus on the research of materials, corrosion, steel-making, iron-making, etc. The symposium in 2014 was the first time jointly organized by CSM and KIM. CSM and KIM take turns to hold this symposium every year, and this tern was host by CSM. Participates mainly were the experts, researchers and technicists in the field of ferrous metallurgy.

In this symposium, there were total 24 papers were presented, 12 papers each for both China and Korea. More than 100 people attended the meeting who were from the research institutions, colleges & universities, and iron & steel enterprise, the number of participates was much higher than the past. The Korean delegation mainly was the researchers from Yonsei University, POSTECH, Korea University, Seoul National University, etc., and the technical directors from POSCO, Hyundai Steel, in total 21 delegates. And which included Prof. Dong Joon Min who is the vice-president of KIM, Prof. Jong Jin Pak from Hanyang University. CSM also attached great importance to this symposium; Prof. ZHAO Pei who is the Secretary-General of CSM attended the meeting and gave the opening addressed, and Prof. WANG Xinhua who is the professor of USTB and one of the most famous metallurgists in China at present, gave the great presentation on the symposium.

After the meeting, the Korean delegation visited Maanshan Iron and Steels Co., Ltd.


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