The 4th VDEh-CSM Metallurgical Seminar has been successfully held in Düsseldorf, Germany

Author: CSM              date: 20/01/2015

 The 4th VDEh-CSM Metallurgical Seminar was held in Düsseldorf, Germany from Oct.20-21, 2014. This event was jointly organized by Steel Institute VDEh and The Chinese Society for Metals since 2004.

CSM delegation with 21 members led by Prof. Ruiyu Yin, member of Chinese Academy of Engineering, honorary president of CSM attended the seminar. Prof. Yin and Dr. Peter Dalmann who is the Executive Member of the Management Board of Steel Institute VDEh gave the opening speech. More than 30 participants from European steel enterprises, universities and research institutes joined the seminar. This seminar had in-depth discussion and exchange on topics including hot metal, steelmaking, casting and solidification, environmental technology and CO2 reduction. 20 papers of VDEh side and 13 papers of CSM side are presented in the seminar.

Dr. Dahlmann introduced the iron and steelmaking and steel application in Europe. Mr. Huai Gao showed a general view of technical progress and the prospects of Chinese steel industry. In the section of ironmkaing, high usage of cold bonded briquettes in BF and BF top gas temperature measurement by means of acoustic method were presented by European colleagues. Experts of Shougang Group reported the technological progress and prospect of 5500m3 blast furnace in Shougang Jingtang United Iron and Steel Co. Ltd and also the development on high blast temperature technology of blast furnace. As for the part of steelmaking, AG der Dillinger introduced the dynamic BOF (Basic Oxygen Furnace) simulation model for the prediction of steel temperature and composition developed by their company. Philip Bundschuh from Montanuniversitaet Leoben presented the study on the Dissolution behavior of CaO in BOF-process and its effect on the kinetics of metallurgical reactions. Prof. Xinhua Wang from University of Science and Technology Beijing presented a paper entitled “Large scale production of high quality steels in Shougang Jingtang Iron and Steel United Co., Ltd.” and Prof. Lifeng Zhang from USTB as well gave a speech on “Control and detection of non-metallic inclusions in high quality steel”. Meanwhile, this seminar also put more emphasis on environmental technology and CO2 reduction comparing with previous seminars. The Chinese side shared the view of future direction of Chinese steel industry in green development. Regarding the green development, environmental protection, reduction of CO2 emission and other cutting-edge technology, there’s much to be learned from European colleagues.

The bilateral seminar on metallurgical technology between CSM and VDEh provides a platform for metallurgists from China, Germany and other European countries a good opportunity to exchange new achievements on the metallurgical technologies regularly and systematically.

After the seminar, the delegation visited Georgsmarienhütte, Thyssenkrupp Presta Mülheim GmbH in Germany, Swiss Steel AG and MAN Diesel & Turbo in Switzerland.




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